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Remote Cabin Alternative Energy by Advance Solar Systems

Advance Solar Systems is a reputable family owned business. Catering to all your Remote Cabin alternative energy needs. From our cabin to yours, we know first hand the joys and headaches of energy in a cabin. Our goal is to provide our customers with personal and intimate knowledge on the latest in alternative energy systems and equipment. Advance Solar Systems offers advice on the most effective ways to run your cabin using renewable energy resources and ensures competitive pricing on parts, installs and service. You can count on Advance Solar Systems to get the equipment you need to you in the fastest most efficient manner. We wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't use on our own cabin!

Advance Solar Systems will provide you with a well-designed alternative energy system that includes solar photovolactic panels.  Solar heat, solar hot water, large wind generators, and/or small wind generators can be used in a cabin or cottage with an off-grid system to be completely self reliant.  We have the knowledge to design any cabin energy system, to ensure it works as planned, and provides as much energy as you need.  Advance Solar Systems will provide you with an analysis that will pinpoint your needs, whether you your cabin is in an area that gets a lot of wind,  next to a river, or enjoy a lot of clear, sunny weather. In most cases, we install a combination of different power sources so that you will always have the energy needed. The most common and versatile system would probably include solar panels for sunny days, wind generators for inclement weather, and a back up generator for weeks when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate.

Take the stress out of powering your cabin, by letting us provide you with our first hand knowledge of using renewable energy and power friendly equipment.  Call 586-222-9583 for your quote.

Thank you for choosing Advance Solar Systems – the number one choice for Alternative Energy!


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