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An Advance Solar Systems Professional can assist you with finding the right alternative energy products for your home, cabin, RV or boat. Our process includes a visit and Survey to insure that you choose the correct alternative energy solution for your application, location, and budget.  And, you can take advantage of the best solar incentive – knowing that over the course of a few short years, your investment will save you money and completely pay for itself.

Here are some of the alternative energy products that we carry and specialize in; grid-tied systems, grid-tied/battery back-up, solar modules/module mounts, module interconnects, photovolactic string combiners, all inverters, all charge controllers, battery monitoring meters, battery cables, battery enclosures, battery chargers, DC to DC converters, power center assemblies, water pumps, electrical swithing gears, lighting, electric wire/cables/hardware, commercial grid-tied solutions, Sunwize Systems.

  • Wind Turbines
  • Southwest Products
  • Bergey Wind Products
  • Proven Wind Products
  • Tip-up towers
  • Mono-rail Towers
  • RV towers from 9 foot to 150 foot
  • Domestic hot water & heating
  • Flat Panels and Evacuating Tubes

As you can see we can provide you with a wide range of product for any alternative energy application. Let us provide you with our first hand knowledge of using renewable energy and power friendly equipment.  Call 586-222-9583 for your quote.

Thank you for choosing Advance Solar Systems – the number one choice for Alternative Energy


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