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Advance Solar Systems is a reputable family owned business. Catering to all your RV needs. From our RV to yours, we know first hand the joys and headaches of boating. Our goal is to provide our customers with personal and intimate knowledge on the latest in RV systems and equipment. Advance Solar Systems offers advice on the most effective ways to run your boat using renewable energy resources and ensures competitive pricing on parts, installs and service. You can count on Advance Solar Systems to get the equipment you need to you in the fastest most efficient manner. We wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't use on our own RV!

Advance Solar Systems has a few options to suit your RV needs including small wind generators, solar panels or backpack (folding) panels.  Solar and wind electric systems can both be used effectively to charge the large battery bank in an RV. Due to the space limitations for both a solar panel array or a turbine that's capable of much more than 400 watts, you can't expect to be able to run all of the appliances you could run in a normal home. Solar and wind power have been used for years to effectively power lights, microwaves, televisions, radios, small water pumps among many other electronic devices you find in an RV, so stop plugging in or running a gas generator and save money and more importantly save the environment.

Many people use a very basic and small solar electric charging system to keep their battery bank topped off while leaving their RV unused for several months out of the year. By trickle charging their batteries during periods of non-use, they greatly extend their lifetime. Batteries, left alone, will discharge by themselves 5% or more per month. A simple small solar electric panel connected to the battery bank will prevent this discharging from occurring.

Take the stress out of your travels, by letting us provide you with our first hand knowledge of using renewable energy and power friendly equipment.  Call 586-222-9583 for your quote.

Thank you for choosing Advance Solar Systems – the number one choice for Alternative Energy!


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